Deadline & How To Fill In The Application Form

H. Deadline

Please submit application form and supporting document(s) on or before 8th September, 2023. Your application will be processed immediately based on the submitted documents. In general, for Category 3 applicants, your application will be processed only if you have submitted all the supporting document(s) and the eligibility certificate of SFO.


In general, late submission of completed fee remission application form will affect the subsidy amount. For more detail, please refer to Section J (Late Submission). 


I. How to Fill in the Application Form

Part I: Check the Appropriate Boxes


Category 1: SFO

  • Attach a copy of the Eligibility Certificate and relevant HK identity documents.

Category 2: CSSA

  • Attach a copy of the Notification Letter from 1st April, 2022 to 31st March, 2023 and relevant HK identity documents.

Category 3: Means Test

  • Submit ALL the documents mentioned on Page 1.

*Copy of application form and the supporting document(s) are needed for each family.


Part II: Particulars of Family Members Living in the Same House

  • Fill in the Name / HKID Card No. / Birth Certificate No. of student-applicant / Date of Birth / Relationship / Address / Contact No. / Bank Account No. / Occupation, etc.

Part III: Other Financial Assitance from Government / Other Organisation in academic year 2022/2023

  • Indicate the type of finanical assistance from the government / organisation if applicable.

Part IV: Medical Expenses Incurred by Family Member(s) with Chronic Illness

  • Fill in the name of incapacity of chronic illness with medical expenses if applicable. (The ceiling of deductible amount for each family member is $22,790 per year in 2023/2024)

Part V: Other Special Family Information

  • Please fill in other information that may assist in assessment, such as special financial hardship / incurred medical expenses for family members who are permanently incapacitated, any member who is not a self-bearing child of yours, etc.

Part VI: Declaration

  • Read through part VI in detail and sign on the space provided with date if you agree and accept all information, rules and regulations listed on this booklet.

J. Late Submission

25% of the approved amount will be counted as the administration cost for late successful applications. Therefore, maximum 75% of the approved amount will be given for late successful applications and the amount of eligible subsidy will only be counted starting from the month of submission of completed application form. The miscellaneous fee will not be supported if the applicants submitted the application late.


The actual amount of subsidy available for applicants is subject to the availability of fund. The amount of subsidy maybe adjusted without prior noitce.


K. Enquiry

For further inquiries, please kindly contact the School Fee Remission Coordinator Ms Annie Cheng at 2988 8123. Alternatively, applicants may visit our school website

(http://www.yhkcc.edu.hk/en/content.php?wid=145) for more information.


For the SFO application form, applicants may visit the following website or scan the QR code: