Release Of Subsidy & Obligations

F. Release of Subsidy

  • After careful consideration and verification of information submitted, applicants will be informed of their eligibility and the amount of subsidy granted through written notice issued by the school. The subsidy amount is subject to the provision for the current academic year.
  • The miscellaneous fee will be refunded if the applicants submitted the application form on or before the deadline.
  • For all the successful applications, the financial support will be provided by the month that they submit the fee remission application forms.
  • A refund will be issued to the applicant by cheque, which can be collected in the General Office. One month is usually needed to prepare the cheque.
  • If an applicant is dissatisfied with the result of their assessment, they may apply in writing to the YHKCC for re-assessment, after the issuance of the notification of result, providing detailed justifications and any documentary evidence in support of their application. The application for re-assessment must be duly signed by the applicant.
  • The re-assessment of eligibility normally takes three months to process. Since longer process time will be needed for re-assessment, applicant should apply for re-assessment within two weeks from the issue date of notification of result.

G. Obligations

  • Any misrepresentation, concealment of facts, providing misleading or false information will lead to disqualification, restitution in full of the assistance granted and possible prosecution.
  • All documents submitted are not returnable.
  • The personal data contained in the application will be used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for and the appropriate to be awarded the level of assistance.