9 OCT 2018

“White Angel” - Angel Yeung, YHKCC Alumus

Our Alumnus, Angel Yeung was inspired to become a “white angel” after joining the Mongolia See-N-Feel tour organized by Orbis.


Angel was one of the Orbis ambassadors to join the Mongolia See-N-Feel tour from 25th to 30th August 2018 after taking the HKDSE. During the tour, she visited the visually impaired in hospitals and heard the heartbreaking cries of early-birth babies. She felt shocked and helpless that she could do nothing to ease their pain but stood aside to witness the heart-wrenching scenes.  She then made up her mind giving up the offer for Biomedial Sciences but switching to Nursing as her tertiary aspiration, hoping that she can help change the quality of ophthalmologists and build a lasting legacy of quality eye care that will ensure no one goes needlessly blind in the future.

Please click the below link to read the news article. (Chinese  version only)