21 DEC 2021

First Charity Dinner 2021 – 2022

The first of three Charity Dinners was organized on Wednesday 8th December, 2021. With the aim of raising funds to support underprivileged students and families, this event also served to connect SMC members, teachers and students after such a long period of isolation during the pandemic.


Members of the School Management Committee were invited to attend a dinner prepared by teachers and students, and watch some unique performances. The school was honoured to host the SMC Chairperson, Mr. Patrick Yip, his wife and friends, SMC member, Ms. Julia Ong, and our School Supervisor, Mr. Peter Ho, who joined the dinner with our student leaders. The theme of the Charity Dinner was traditional Chinese and Hong Kong cuisine. The school’s Chinese Room with its traditional Chinese interior design and wooden furniture was chosen as the dining place. To welcome the guests, our student leaders, Aidan Ho (5M), Ruva Shoko (5A) and Lilian Chan (5M) prepared a tea ceremony. It gave the guests great pleasure to see our students showcasing the tea ceremony and brewing quality tea.


The Principal and the Student Catering Team, led by Ms. Anne Roberts, prepared an amazing three-course meal consisting of popular Chinese dishes. From the appetizer, to the main course and the dessert, the guests were amazed by the cooking skills and service provided by teachers and students, and very much enjoyed the delicious, well-presented dishes. During the dinner, the guests were treated to a variety of student performances, including a rendition from the Chinese Speech Festival, dancing performances from the recent International Fun Fair and live Cantonese Opera by Ian Yu (5C). They were highly appreciative of our students’ different talents and abilities. Guests, teachers and students alike also treasured the time over dinner to talk and share life experiences with each other.


All in all, the first Charity Dinner was a very successful event, raising $17,000 for school fee remission, due to the kind and generous donations of the guests. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and performances, and eagerly look forward to the second dinner in February 2022.