13 DEC 2018

Inter-school Handball Competition

We are glad to announce that the AB Girls Handball Team won the championship on 9th Dec  (Sun) at the Inter-school handball competition. This is the first time that our AB Girls Handball Team has won the championship which served as the best record in our school history.


It was a competitive game and we were against last year’s 1st Runner Up team and our girls tried their best to have a good defense.  We finally won by 13-10. Please join in congratulating the team!

  • Team members:
  • Rachel Yan (5K) (Team Captain)
  • Michaela Paraiso (4M)
  • Pammy Chan (4M)
  • Whitney Tam (4C)
  • Catherine Concepcion (4C)
  • Bhargavi Amaranathan (4C)
  • Megan Abella (4Y)
  • Ruth Ogwu (4Y)
  • Kaya Heathman (4Y)
  • Sabay Lynam (4K)