19 MAR 2023

Winning Champions in the Cheerleading Championships of Hong Kong

On the 19th of March, our school's cheerleading team, Phoenix, competed in the Cheerleading Championships of Hong Kong, China. It is the first face-to-face competition we have participated in since the pandemic started and we are very glad to announce that we won champions in all the divisions we participated in:

  • Mini Small Co-ed (L1-L2)
  • Junior Small Co-ed (L3-L4)
  • Junior Large All-Girl (L3-L4)

We are also proud to announce that Mini Small Co-ed (L1-L2) group won the Grand Award – the highest score across all divisions in the competition.


The team is very grateful for everyone's neverending support – from the staff to the teachers to our principal, Ms Lo. We would also like to thank our families and friends who cheered for us.