29 NOV 2019

Intermediate Biology Olympiad 2019

We are proud to announce that our students attained outstanding results in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad 2019.


The Intermediate Biology Olympiad was organized by the UK Royal Society of Biology in June 2019 with 8282 top students from 466 schools worldwide participating. The competition aims to encourage Biology students to learn Biological Science beyond the GCE AS Biology syllabus. In February 2020, our Biology students will take one step further to participate in the British Biology Olympiad.


Please join us in congratulating the students listed below:

  • Gold – CHEUNG Chockle (6H) (Top 5%)
  • Gold – VERREAULT Amelie (6H) (Top 5%)
  • Silver – NOUMAN Khan (6H) (Top 10%)
  • Silver – SAMSON Diane Isabelle Tian-hong (6K) (Top 10%)
  • Silver – BALBONA Natalie Elizabeth Campbell (6A) (Top 10%)