2 AUG 2022

2021-2022 Jockey Club Futsal Cup (School Division)

The 2021-2022 Jockey Club Futsal Cup (School Division) was organized by the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA). The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust was the major partner of this event, which was subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and supported by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.


This year the YHKCC sent three football teams to compete in the two-day tournament: U17 Boys, U15 Boys and U17 Girls. All three teams obtained very pleasing results: the U17 Boys and U15 Boys teams both achieved 1st Runner-up in this competition, while the U17 Girls team won the 2nd Runner-up award.


Let's congratulate all of the players for their excellent achievement!


Team List: 


U17 Boys Futsal Team - 1st Runner-up


Mateja Stevic Rankovic (5M) - Captain

Vance Akillian (5C)
Nerish Sembu (5C)

Kale Bishop (5K)

Suwen Limbu (4M)
Magar Baruchman (4A)

Gustavo De Souza (4K)
Diego Ameneyro Lopez (3A)

U15 Boys Futsal Team - 1st Runner-up

Karson Leung (3Y) - Captain

Chester Cheng (3M)

Mark Lam (3M)

Raphael Da Silva (3A)
Manraj Singh (3A)

Lee SoMyoung (3A)

Mann Nankani (3H)

Manudev Moolekkudiyil (2M)
Dominic Meza (2A)

Adiwanashe Shoko (1M)

Nigel Lau (1C)

Elisey Kurnosov (1H)


U17 Girls Futsal Team - 2nd Runner-up

Hazel Bishop (4Y) - Captain

Katrina Mok (3M)

Rainbow Lee (3M)

Kristy Ho (2A)

Lucy Yuen (2A)

Vivienne Mok (2K)

Duaa Haroon (1Y)

Cora Chan (1K)